March 24th, 2016


A "Fun" Day

I had a very fun day yesterday.

It started with three hours of sleep. I went to groggily toast a bagel, and burnt it a bit. I turned the kitchen fan on to exhaust the smoke. We have an older style kitchen fan in the ceiling, not one over our range. Apparently, a shingle from the roof fell into the fan, and it got cut up and made a huge racket. Scared the hell out of me, and woke Trish up (at 5AM, mind you).

Got to work at Mariani (the asphalt terminal) and they only have an hour left to pump. Broken equipment AND a short shift? Oh yay! Plus, while I was there, I found out that the 2hrs of drive time to port manatee are billed differently, so we don't get overtime on them. I get why they're doing it, but I do not want it to set a precedent that they can class hours doing different things in ways that avoid overtime... or maybe one day, I'll work 32 hours for KMI, and 16 for Citgo, but I'll only get 48 hours of straight time.

Then, on to berth 222 over at the port of Tampa. The TMI-17 comes in and it's trouble from the start. They complained about where I spotted them, on MLA-1 because that means they couldn't put their gangway down... "we always use #4 over here!" well, then why the fuck didn't your deck guy tell me this when I said "unless you have a reason to do otherwise, let's go with #1."? It only got more fun from that point on.

Next, the chief mate refused to agree to the simultaneous Murphy/TPSI discharge. Pete (from TPSI) came down to talk to them, and there was a lot of arguing involved. Eventually, they reach an agreement. So I go on board, and start dealing with two sets of paperwork. We get to the 2nd DOI, and the prick refuses to sign it. Says it's illegal or some shit. So either we've been doing it wrong all this time using two DOIs, or the chief mate is right, and we should have been using only one. Of course, this is something that should have been worked out before we started doing multiple simultaneous discharges.

Next was port manatee. I got stuck behind some dumbass trucker who didn't know procedure in the line to activate my TWIC for access. cost me almost 10m. The rest of it wasn't bad there, until the end. Then, the irksome mate from the B284 starts bitching about having to use his crane. In tired frustration, I throw up my hands, and he gets aggressive because I "have a problem" with him. At this point in my day, I'm pretty much out of patience, so as he's getting aggressive, I just say "you're the one with the fucking problem, buddy! I'm done.". I walk back to the shack, get my shit together, and tell Joed "Here, this shit's all yours. I'm done.". The crew member did apologize a minute later, but apologies don't restore patience and sanity that've been stripped away, nor relieve the stress that it creates.

Thinking I'm finally done, I get a call from Ryan on the way home, asking me when I can come back for another shift. And then, four of the lanes of tollbooths at the Sunshine Skyway (the bridge I need to take to get home from manatee) are closed. I think that I can't pay because I have only a SunPass and no cash, but it turns out all the lanes are enabled for them, even if they're not marked. After crossing the bridge, I find out that several miles of 275N is cut down to a single lane for construction. Hooray. 25-30MPH in a 65MPH zone.

An irksome, stressful day. I want a stiff drink and a nap.