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All My Thoughts She Does Consume

Going in, I knew owning an older car would be a project. Doubly so one that needed TLC when I got it.

I just hope that when I sit down and do call that yard in Michigan, they are able to get me as many of the parts I need as possible. I can order mechanical and electrical parts from MB or used pretty easily, but the trim is harder to get than I was hoping it would be.

It's going to be a while before I'm really able to say all the cosmetics are done, or even all that close. And until that point, I don't even want to consider the additional costs of the bio conversion (all new fuel-contact rubber at a minimum, and several other modifications for SVO).

Annoyances and all, I do adore this car. I love owning something that may be temperamental but is still as solid and reliable as a tank at the base.

Of late, it seems that I am always thinking about the old girl in one way or another. Planning on buying parts, trying to figure out how to fix something, researching something or other. My new obsession is to fix all the glaring issues. Worn I'm okay with… damaged or missing, not so much.