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I bitch more than I probably should about bad drivers, I admit it. But every so often, there's an incident that makes me feel justified in my jaw-on-floor awe of the stupidity they allow behind the wheel.

Tonight: I'm driving down I-275s, in the middle lane. I'm approaching a construction zone ahead, where the leftmost of three lanes is closed. There's several cars in the right-hand lane, a fair bit of merging traffic from the various on-ramps. To my left and somewhat behind me is a ratty old white van.

As both myself and the van close in to where the road cones and flashing arrow indicate the lance closure, I naturally expect the van to merge right and get behind me. Or at least signal and try to zoom past me. To my shock, the van simply continues straight ahead (at this point it's next to me, no longer behind) and plows through a dozen or so road cones, embedding one in it's grille and busting a headlight. After I have a small heart attack, I jam on the throttle and zoom ahead to get away from this crazy fuck, hoping that they won't realize what they're doing and try to get out of the closed lane before I can get away from them. As I jumped on it, I laid on the horn for a good 30s or so, hoping to snap them out of it, or at least force them to notice me and hopefully avoid hitting me. I hope the driver was drunk, because the thought of anyone that stupid while sober would be fucking terrifying.

After I got through Ybor and was about to take the road that cuts under the Veteran's expressway, I saw that it was closed and I had to take the detour. I have no idea what they're doing there, because I never see any actual construction work being done, just a shitload of cops. Maybe they're just closing the road to have a giant donut rave, I don't know. In any case, I grumbled and took the side road detour. As I'm getting back near the port, I hear a tractor trailer's air horn honk, and I glance behind me (I'd been looking left because I was stopped at a stop sign prior to making a turn) and see one tractor trailer jerk onto the shoulder to avoid hitting another square on the side.