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I just watched a car ad. This car ad. In the ad, they use the trunk opening size as a selling point. Note the bit with the golf clubs.

Before the 1990s, trunk openings were wider and square. Auto makers create a problem with shitty design, and then take 20 years to solve that problem.

Standard trunk opening until the mid 1990s. Wide and rectangular, more or less.

A current one. Compare and contrast. Plenty of room in there, but good luck getting any single large object in there, say a golf bag. The oversized rear lights take up 20% of the fucking opening width. Most cars are like that now. It's needless and stupid. You want big lights back there? Put them on the trunk lid!

Automakers created the problem with stupid designs (which I've griped about for years) and now that someone had the goddamn sense to not make an idiotic design decision, they're acting like it was an amazing stroke of genius.

Hell, it's even happened to hatchbacks! Early 1990s / Today

Smaller opening with sharp angles equals inability to place object in trunk that would fit perfectly fine within it otherwise. I haul things around a lot, which is why I have been griping about this for so long.

Take flat-pack furniture, for example. If you have a car with a squared trunk opening, then it goes in easy, and you might even be able to close it. But angled inward like modern ones? Good luck jamming it in at all, and if it does go, the angle is awkward as fuck. And unless you have an SUV, you don't have a roof rack anymore.

It makes my brain bleed is how they can create a problem, solve it 20 years later, and then think they're goddamn geniuses for going back to doing things the way that isn't stupid.