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8 September 1983
After a lot of bouncing around as a youth, I finally ended up here in Syracuse NY. With so little life-experience, I didn't know what to do with myself for a while. Then I turned 17 and got a job. I had money to spend, life was good. After a while, the experience of working for a run-down grocery store got to me, and I quit on good terms. I spent over six months looking for another job, and then my mother pointed me to the newly-built Target near my home. For a year and a half I spilt my lifeblood onto the cold concrete floors of the place. I worked long and hard, only to have a lazy, talentless oaf whom the boss happened to like be promoted over me. I became bitter, and later nearly had a nervous breakdown. After that, I went to part-time to keep some supporting income while I looked for another job. After almost a year of failing to get so much as a call-back from any place I'd applied to (including amongst them, a fucking Taco Bell!), I eventually gave up and decided to go back to work full-time at the other local Target. About that same time, my parents decided that they didn't feel like having me in their home anymore, and streeted me on my 21st birthday. Through the kindness of a couple of friends, I managed to not only have a place to stay while I looked for(and saved for) one of my own, but also to have a place for all of my important stuff, as well. For a while, I lived in a run-down house with a bunch of welfare bums. But eventually I saved enough money to buy myself a car, so I could stop taking the fucking bus, and my own place, in which I now reside. It's not much, but it's a place to sleep that has heat.

Personally, I'm not a terribly interesting individual. I'm not at all afraid to admit that. For the longest period of my life, I was totally in love with dolphins. I still am, in many ways. I'd always wanted to work with them, but over the course of several years, I came to the realization that my academics would never be up to the standard that would allow me into one of the very few research positions available. I lay most of the blame on math being evil, and eventually attempted to move on with my life. After I had accepted that sad fact and tried to move on, my next attempt at advancement was to try to become a CS/CIS/IT guy, like some of my friends have done. I made an effort at that for a while, but eventually, the math dragged me down like a anchor around my neck once again. This time however (as I was to find out later) it was for the better. After a while of dealing with my own computer problems, I realized that I could never do that for someone else to make a living. I just don't have anywhere near that kind of patience. After this sunk in, I realized that life is short, and meant to be enjoyed as much as possible. For me, this means having lots of toys that most other people can't justify. But it works for me. After a long time of being emotionally unstable for a variety of reasons, I have finally shifted into an attitude that's stable and positive.

At long last, I have become comfortably numb to life.

As of 08/24/2004, I am the proud claimant of Sunset Sam, Louise, Josephine, Akeakamai, and Phoenix!

As of 03/20/2005: I feel it worth mentioning that all the above individuals are deceased.

Addendum: as of the current date (10/21/2007) I have finally escaped the icy clutches of Syracuse NY. I now reside in Tampa Florida, a short drive away from the bay of the same name.

So close, and yet so far...
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